When ordering please specify color and pattern from any color/pattern FROM any in-stock poncho. THE COLOR THE MODEL IS WEARING IS OUT OF STOCK.

Like it or not, it is our new reality. Costco for one, will not let you in the door without one, starting 5/4/2020. Keep it real with the new Urban Head Wrap. Use it as a face mask or face wrap, or use it multiple ways like any bandana. Protect yourself and look cool. The Urban Head Wrap is perfect for using for PPP face covering to protect yourself in public due to Covid-19. It is a face covering that is cut and sewn from a Pashmina shawl. It is breathable but also protective.

*This is not a certified medical facemask but the CDC DOES RECOMMEND ANY CLOTH FACE COVERINGS WHEN IN PUBLIC. If you are ordering an Urban Head Wrap without a poncho please put your color choice and pattern that you would like in the notes when ordering (from any existing poncho on the website) . All PPE face coverings like face masks, bandanas, etc can help protect yourself from Covid-19 and other cold and cases of flu. 


Urban Face Mask-specify color

$19.99 Regular Price
$17.99Sale Price
  • please specify a color and pattern you would like if you are only purchasing Urban Head Wraps. If you are purchasing a poncho the head wrap will match the poncho.